ill probably be remaking p soon because my dashboard is shit lmao

ill probably only follow the people im close friends with on my new blog, and ill just use this one to reblog my art maybe and the occasional dumb post. and it probably wont be homestuck because im really starting to hate the tumblr portion of the fandom

i need to start actually liking this website again

I love how on cherubplay its perfectly fine to post prompts where u fuck 5 year olds but as soon as u post the shrek or bee movie script u get banned


They really need to make capri sun packs bigger.  I’m not fucking 7 anymore.  I am a grown man.  All I’m saying is that sometimes 6.5 fl. oz. just doesn’t cut it. 


AKIRA: Panoramas


*logs in to tumblr*image


feel the burn? no, feel the bird. it is soft and wants to cuddle with you


Taxidermy Vintage Burchell Zebra Head


me: *goes to hell* what the fuck is this

satan: Welcome To My Twisted Mind.


we did not create The Thomas The Tank Engine Headcanon Forums just so you could come here with your god damn bullshit



her: u eat ass?

me: image

delete this post